21st Nov 2023


For players with aspirations of greatness. Of one day stepping onto the field of Champions. Performing on the biggest stage in competitive paintball. Choosing the right paintball gear is vital.

Without doubt, the most important piece of kit is the marker. And to truly succeed on the path to greatness, choosing a marker that ticks every box possible, is essential. The Gtek R line gives players this. A level of firepower, reliability and support that is unmatched at this price.

The 160R changed the game. The 170R dominated the game. And the 180R is about to turn the game on its head.

Performance. Stability. Ergonomics. Precision. Gtek 180R

Powered by the all-new OP-R Core Drivetrain, the 180R delivers a remarkably consistent and stable shot without compromising the lively and responsive dynamics that makes the R line so appealing. Improved efficiency. Lower operating pressure. Reduced recoil. Quieter sound signature. Better paint handling. And, as if it was even needed, even better reliability. The OP-R Core is an abridged variant of the astounding OP Core found in the CS3 and drives the 180R to new levels of performance and user engagement whilst continuing to stay true to its value promise.

The 180R introduces a visual language that pairs aggressive lines with an air of finesse and does not look out of place alongside its high-end competitors. The clarity of cuts, the high level of fit-and-finish and the quality of materials makes the 180R feel special. To complete the package, the all-new rear grips and foregrip have a soft tactility thanks to the dual-density rubber, and they combine perfectly with the peerless ergonomics of its stretched out, low profile silhouette. A truly sensational package.

The 180R continues this ethos of understated high performance in earnest and features a streamlined version of our incredible S63 3-piece barrel system, complete with 0.689 Eclipse PWR Insert. When built, the S63 barrel sits 14.5” in total length and gives players exceptional accuracy and stability. Additional PWR Inserts can be purchased separately to build a custom selection of bore control options. The PWR Inserts are also compatible with the more aggressively styled S63 Pro Barrel System, if the desire to upgrade arises.

The 180R features a brand new electronics package built on the incredibly robust MME (Modular Marker Electronics) system also found in the LV2 and CS3. The crisp OLED display, full suite of firing modes and adjustable settings allow the 180R to be quickly and easily set up for any style of play. The 5-way adjustable trigger also features a detachable trigger shoe that can be swapped out in seconds to suit your own personal preferences.

When you want to switch it up and play some old school mech ball the 180R continues the Gtek R Line’s legacy of empowering players in both electronic and mechanical formats. Like the 170R before it, the 180R is fully mech compatible. Simply swap out the frame for the optional 180R-specific mech frame and within minutes you’ll be equipped with immense mechanical firepower. The 180R mech frame kit is enhanced by the fully ball raced and linear bearing supported trigger, and the mighty FL 3-Way delivers an insane level of mechanical performance. The new rear grips blend perfectly with both the electro and mech frames giving unparalleled comfort and control in both forms.